the Client.

Mitre 10, formed in 1959, is a large player in the Australian home improvement and hardware industry. The Mitre 10 group comprises of Australia's largest independent home improvement and hardware wholesaler to the industry and an independent and local retail network of over 300 Mitre 10 and True Value Hardware stores.

The Need.

Present an entire new 'home connect' IoT product range inside stores that would inform and educate customers as well as their in-store staff. The new range of IoT products is a break-away from Mitre 10’s traditional hardware supply. So it requires a digital solution to present and compliment the range and enhance the store’s image as a digital supplier. The catalogue range includes over 100 products by 7 different suppliers. The solution needs to take into consideration their customer’s shopping behaviour, which was previously formulated internally by Mitre 10. Mitre 10 needs the ability to add and remove products, as well as update images and descriptions. Source of content would be driven manually from head office via local directories. Integration with Mitre 10's existing intranet product portal is required for product consistency and updates.

Integration with Mitre 10's existing intranet product portal

Create a more attractive and inviting environment

Better control of promotions and quick distribution

Ensure content is relevant, compelling and accurate



The Solution.

Cybercast - Cloud Digital Signage would be used as the platform to control content publishing, monitoring and managing of screens.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Digital kiosk with touch screen capabilities was chosen to present the content and interface with customers and staff. Mitre 10 would engage their store fitter to physically wrap the kiosk and house them in custom-built timber cabinets to match the store's décor.

A custom app with backend CMS would be built to allow Mitre 10 to manage the content and integrate with their intranet portal. UX design of the app to leverage Mitre 10’s understanding of their customer’s shopping behaviour, which revolves around the area of the home and not specific products i.e. Garden, Garage, Kitchen etc. Data capture would be built into the app for activity tracking; what products are touched and searched.

LED videowall

Further promotional reinforcement was achieved via the deployment of an LED videowall. Rich, multimedia content is broadcast to the wall for maximum impact and communication. These walls complimented the kiosk solution as it compelled customers to interact with the kiosk 'Connected Homes' application to learn more about the products, thus driving customer engagement.


The Results
& Benefits.

Cybercast Promotional efforts were published to the screen as an advertising channel. The interactive app encouraged customer engagement and learning. Staff interaction with the screen allowed self-learning. Intelligence derived from activity tacking drove marketing initiatives and product sourcing, reducing the number of products they purchase and host.

The Cybercast platform has allowed us to effectively capture exactly what products customers are looking for, and has introduced a much more immersive customer experience.