the Client.

Sushi Hub opened its first store on 16 October 2006 in an alleyway in Cabramatta, NSW. It now has more than 120 stores operating Australia. Sushi Hub constantly works to deliver the freshest, top-quality sushi to customers. Sushi Hub products are sourced locally and delivered daily to ensure the best quality. Sushi is the heart and soul of Sushi Hub. Making and serving sushi is a labour of love between the chefs and customers. Sushi Hub’s love of classical sushi has resulted in the creation of a sublime menu that is full of flavours.

The Need.

A major priority for Sushi Hub was to save cost by replacing their printed posters they send out to stores. Posters were slow to deploy and extremely expensive, limiting the number of campaigns they could afford to run with messages getting outdated quickly. Without a centralised control over the marketing collateral and deployment, HQ could not control if correct content was being displayed; or any content at all. They wanted to ensure accuracy throughout their promotions.

Replace costly and outdated posters

Create a more attractive and inviting environment

Better control of promotions and quick distribution

Ensure content is relevant, compelling and accurate



The Solution.

After evaluating several solutions, they selected Cybercast for a pilot test. To see if it will fulfill their need. Cybercast exceeded expectations. After a successful pilot period, screens were installed in all shops across Australia. The digital screens were sleek and clean with vivid, vibrant picture quality. Cybercast was able to offer a wide range of screens to meet a variety of customer engagement objectives and to retro fit some unique store layouts.

In-store digital promotion display

The screens deployed included 16" slim line displays for the shop counter, 88” long displays for compelling content, capacitive touch displays for customer interaction and robust commercial 4K displays. Robust enough to run all day, 7 days a week. Additionally, all screens arrive at shops pre-configured and paired. Relevant content is published in an instant with Cybercast 'Plug & Play' solution.
Currently, Sushi Hub uses Cybercast to display videos and images for seasonal promotions. Content is general promotional, cross-selling and/or up-selling, while also keeping customers entertained. The ultimate goal is of course, to boost sales.



The Results
& Benefits.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail

With screens for all their outlets synced centrally and the ability to push content easily where and whenever required, Sushi Hub are now able to maximise their opportunity to generate additional revenue with digital promotion displays. All this is achieved efficiently, effectively, reducing operational cost. On top of this, Sushi Hub also offer their customers a more modern, retail environment. That is, while raising their profile as an innovative digital signage adopter.

Overall, the main benefit that Cybercast has given Shushi Hub is clear; they can show customers the right content, at the right time, in the right place. And in a very simple way. This means that Sushi Hub's operational, commercial, and marketing teams can work on more critical matters to the company's business.

Sushi Hub's focus is selling Sushi. Cybercast's end-to-end solution with exceptional level of support takes away the hassle of maintenance and service of devices.

Cybercast is an outstanding platform, easy to use and powerful. Allowing us to achieve our sale's goals and customer engagement goals. It has exceeded all our expectations.