the Client.

Brighton Grammar is a leading private boys' school in Melbourne, with strong community traditions and a culture of excellence. Founded in 1882, the school has a non-selective enrolment policy with over 1,400 students from ELC to VCE.

The Opportunity.

Progressive schools and universities are turning to digital signage to meet the challenge of managing communications with thousands of students, staff, and visitors on large campuses. As well as innovating how, educational material is delivered and consumed in the classrooms. A great example of this lies at Brighton Grammar School (BGS) BGS was looking at various digital solutions to solve separate set of challenges and goals across all areas of the school and Cybercast was the answer to achieving them.

Better control and distribution of communication

Time and cost savings on marketing materials

More attractive and engaging visual experiences

Enhance educational experience in the classroom



The Solution.

The Cybercast digital signage solution improves how they connect people on campus and better deliver education. Its' usage enhances learning, promotes safety, improves information dissemination, elevates branding, facilitate sporting matches and provides entertainment.

Enhance Classroom Learning with Interactive Touch Displays.

Enhance the learning experience with quality digital displays and interactive touch screens that's compatible with other media integration and technology. The touch experience provides hands-on learning and collaboration, especially important for foundation primary years.

Promote Safety via Digital Displays.

Remind students, faculty and visitors about personal hygiene and safe distancing measures; keep the school community safe with emergency alerts.

Communicate Campus Events with Kiosks.

Cultivate strong student and staff communities by displaying campus news and events.

Boost Branding with Reception and Auditorium Signage.

Create a pleasant vibe for visitors and strengthen branding by featuring welcome messages on digital screens at the school lobby.

Facilitate Sporting Matches with Outdoor LED Digital Display.

A super bright, high-resolution outdoor LED screen is versatile enough to keep scores of a sporting game, as well as publishing other types of multimedia and application to engage crowds at outdoor venues.



The Results
& Benefits.

Key Benefits of Digital Signage in Education.

Enhance learning

Digital signage for schools makes learning more fun and enjoyable by visual simulation of ideas and concepts.

Redefine campus-wide communication

Capture the attention of students, faculty, and visitors with vivid digital displays. Update information easily, in seconds.

Connect with students & faculty members

Digital display screens for schools promote a sense of community by featuring highlights of student life and campus events.

Revamp brand messaging

Welcome visitors with stunning digital displays, providing an impressive first and lasting impression. Showcase student achievements at the reception area.

Engage and entertain visitors

Keep visitors entertained with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates. As well as keeping sporting crowds on the 'edge of their seat' with a responsive vivid scoreboard.

Cybercast has enhanced the learning experience for our students and helped our institution redefine communication within the campus.