the Client.

Epworth HealthCare is Victoria's largest not-for-profit private hospital group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation. Epworth is an innovator in Australia’s health system, embracing the latest in evidence-based medicine to pioneer treatments and services for our patients.

The Opportunity.

With the heightened need to communicate during the 2020 pandemic, there was an immediacy to replace static posters and notice boards with a responsive and centralised communication tool. A great need arose to share important corporate, health & wellness and compliance messaging across a digital signage network at multiple locations while being able to easily manage, update and tailor content in real time, per specific screen. There were also internal needs to quickly and efficiently maintain and broadcast operating theatre timetables to relevant personnel, doctors and nurses. Digital residency directories were also on the agenda. With multiple digital display endpoints at different locations, serving specific purposes, there were many components to the project. It was important for Epworth to find a technology partner that provides an effective end-to-end solution.

Replace costly and outdated posters

Create a more attractive and inviting environment

Better control of communications and quick distribution

Quickly and efficiently broadcast operating theatre timetables



The Solution.

Cybercast provided a comprehensive solution, including digital displays, hardware mounts, Cybercast CMS, installation, support, training, and bespoke applications. A wide range of digital displays were deployed including ultra-HD Digital Screens, capacitive touchscreens, kiosks with touch screen and video walls. These digital displayed were placed at building entry points, waiting rooms, corridors, theatre areas and administration areas. The Cybercast CMS was able to configure and accommodate the locations of screens, its associated content and allow for easy management and monitoring.

Operating Theatre Schedule

Previously the operating theatre schedule was hand-written by an administrator on a traditional whiteboard. The administrator needed to attend to the whiteboard at its physical location and manually made changes. It was time consuming, and accuracy was not guaranteed. Working together with the Epworth team, Cybercast developed an expert bespoke application that enabled the theatre schedules to be uploaded and displayed on digital screens at different locations, remotely from the administrator’s computer. Live updates were just one click away. It is crucial that doctors and nurses were guided to their assigned theatres with accuracy in a timely manner.

Digital Directories

Another bespoke application was its Digital Residency Directory. Residents shift and change. Cybercast digital signage ensures that the resident information including doctor profile, services provided and room location is always accurate and up to date.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Types of messaging included timely COVID-19-related updates, doctor profiles and donor recognition that were published on displays across the full network, as well as location-specific content on custom playlists.



The Results
& Benefits.

With the deployment of Cybercast, Epworth has enhanced its branding as the innovator in the health industry pioneering in the process of digital transformation.

Communication Efficiency

Cybercast is an effective and efficient communication platform that serves as a means of conveying critical and timely information across multiple locations with assurances of network health. Cybercast has helped Epworth communicate with their doctors, nurses, staff, residents, visitors and patients with the right content, at the right time, in the right place and in a very simple way.

Operational Costs Reduction

Cybercast digital signage solution has helped Epworth reduce operational costs significantly. Usage of prints and posters have been minimised, enabling Epworth to achieve a clean and professional appearance as well as reduce the carbon footprint.

Intuitive Content Management System and Ease of Deployment

The content management and network administration of Cybercast are user-friendly, intuitive and effective. The deployment of campaigns to multiple screens of various sizes and configurations needing to play specific contents with relevance was made so easy to operate with that one does not need to be technically savvy to master Cybercast.

Stability and Reliability

With the solution supporting a network spanning across multiple locations, the new solution had full support from Cybercast including services, training and system monitoring to ensure network health.

Strong Technology Partnership

Cybercast provided not only the full technology solution but also the deep knowledge and commitment to continue supporting Epworth on what they needed for success.

Cybercast is such a power tool that facilitates the communication within the hospital. It is easy to operate and the feedback from the staff has been extremely positive. It has exceeded expectations in every aspect, from the products and solutions to the support and services.